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OC: Early- NSFW
My OC Early, whom i drew naked hoping no one will notice the awful hands

Shes a cheerleader with a ton of anxiety and a cute gf
OC: Sammy by Quivieres
OC: Sammy
Sammy is an agender nerd and the protagonist of my comic
They are young and have a lot to learn about not being an asshole
Over and over
if you know me please dont worry, i just wanted to put my vent art somewhere
im ok, please dont worry for me
Original title: Cuteness Test

[x]= You have blue/green eyes. (I dont even like them :c )

[x]= You blush alot.

[x]= You giggle.

[x] = You're quiet.

[x] = You say random silly things.

[x]= You have a baby face. (damn it >:c)

[x] = You wear a more down to earth style of clothing. 

[x] = You don't wear halter tops or anything too showy. (I wear tank tops, does that count?)

[x] = You're under 5 feet 6 inches tall. (I measure that actually .-.)



[ ] = You're a virgin. (I always fail that one >:c )

[ ] = Just thinking of +18 things makes you blush.  (nah)

[x] = Your idea of a date is really romantic. (If romantic involves setting stuff on fire, sure)

[x] = You sleep with a stuffed animal. (20 actually)

[x] = You like to cuddle. 

[x] = You've never played the Nervous game. (What is it?)

[x]= You don't even know what the nervous game is. (What the heck is it? D:)



[ x] = You like the color pink/light blue. 

[ x] = You tend to wear bright/girly colors. 



[x]= You can be ignorant/oblivious. (Mostly just dumb)

[x] = You'd consider yourself shy. 

[x] = You like happy upbeat music.  

[x] = You like "Cutesy" music.


What YOU think is cute:

[x] = You like small animals.  

[/] = You like babies. (Ugh, I cant stand it when they cry :c)

[x] = Small/mini versions of things make you go "Awww <3".

(Add lesbians for super cute bonus points)

2.5 (plus lesbians)/3


[ /] = You know when somebody lies.

[x] = You had to use a calculator to know the present  on this meme. (Not really, but there are 29 points, wtf thats a prime number)

[ /] = One of your friends told you to make this. (Took it from her, Kat, you have to do this u cutie o3ó)

[x] = You just realized this was made for girls. (What? Why? can't others feel cute too?)


That would be 25.5 out of 29, that would be 87% cute, If we add the lesbian question to make it stop being an effing prime number wich is hella un-kawaii, it would be 88%
But then I remember I look like a turkey so it goes back to 0% :I
  • Listening to: damn opening
  • Watching: can you fucking tell
  • Eating: anime egg
  • Drinking: tears from thoma's death


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Madeleine Dodeuil
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
I like jelly beans.

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